Two years later and we still play almost daily

  • 40 million players. Now there’s a number the folks at Psyonix couldn’t even dream of. I remember firing up my free PS4 version for the first time and thinking “huh, this game is kinda fun.” After a few hours, I jumped on Steam to try and explain to my friends how a soccer game with rocket-boosted cars was incredible. Two years later and we still play almost daily.This week, Psyonix announced Rocket League surpassed 40 million players. That’s across all platforms. From PC to Nintendo Switch.

    That’s about two million more players since Psyonix’s last update on December 20th. It looks like the Nintendo Switch version helped give the game a little boost since its late November release. That, and the recent holiday sales. It’s always awesome to Rocket League Keys see new people jump on the Rocket League train.The Rocket League devs also said they probably will talk more about Season 7 later this month.

    A blog post from last month touched on what Psyonix is cooking up for 2018. Game server performance and game performance (especially on Xbox One) are at the top of the list. I’m more interested in this revamped progression system they are teasing.