Now we only focus on the second round against Liverpool

  • Fernandinho hopes that the Manchester City elderly players can step forward and lead the team out of trouble: "This is a difficult week, we have lost two straight, but that is over. Now we only focus on the second round against Liverpool. In the game, we must be positive, because that is the only way to FIFA Coins play beautiful football. Now it is time for experienced players to take up the responsibility. Of course, we know that two-game losing streak is not easy, but the best team in the world is also This will happen." "Our performance this season is staggering. We have to face the major challenge of the Champions League. It will not be easy. Liverpool will compete for every goal, but we are ready for tomorrow's game. ”

    At the time, with the goal of Aspiriz Quetta, Chelsea took a 1-0 lead at Stamford Bridge, but the Blues failed to hold on to victory and was scored by the former Manchester United forward Hernandez who scored on the bench. This is not the first time Chelsea have led the game this season.


    In this regard, Rudige said: "I think we are always pleading for goals. I think we could have ended the second half (for West Ham) but we haven't been able to do it like we did in the past few months. We lost the ball. For me, this is difficult to explain, and I don't understand why we always retire after a 1-0 lead to give our opponents more control.”