For the starter tomorrow

  • For the starter tomorrow, Klop said: "Our situation is very difficult. We must consider all things, but we also need to come up with a lineup that can win. Ince is in good shape now. He will start tomorrow." After the storm of Manchester City's Champions League game, Chamberlain again became the focus of public opinion. Regarding the outstanding performance of the generals and his grudge against the old gunman, Klop said: "That is because of his strength and potential. He has never It's not surprising that Wenger didn't give him enough opportunities to improve. It's just a matter of changing the environment. He can make things better in different places. He works hard, but here is a different style of football. It obviously helps. He still has many places to FIFA Coins improve, but he is already an outstanding genius."


    Klopp was once again asked whether Salah was able to play. In this regard, Zha Shu still refused to point out: "I will not be playing because he is Derby, you can not force a player to come back, no fans Willing to see this scene, if he is doubtful, he is not in 100% state, he will not play, I will not take any players to risk, not just Salah, all players will be the same.” Klopp finally stressed, Will not play for the Champions League next Tuesday: "You don't want to do this. Anything may change overnight. A player may get sick. You must concentrate on the next game. That is Everton. The next game is forever It won't be the reason for the rotation, it's the last game.”