Mitch Reinke had his Nick Papagiorgio moment Thursday night

  • Notre Dame was the only team Ohio State regularly struggled against. It swept the season series against rival Michigan and ended up bouncing the Wolverines in overtime in the semifinal of  NHL Coins the Big Ten tournament. Before the Buckeyes can get another crack at their conference foes, they've got a formidable opponent in Minnesota-Duluth. There's enough players on the Ohio State roster to remember the sting of last year's season-ending loss to the Bulldogs.


    Mitch Reinke had his Nick Papagiorgio moment Thursday night, only it wasn’t in the “Vegas Vacation” movie, it was the National Hockey League.Amid the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, he arrived in style with the team Thursday at the five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel. Not exactly the kind of accommodations he was used to at Michigan Tech.“Yeah,” Reinke said, chuckling. “I’m rooming with Nolan Stevens. We both kind of walked in, and that’s probably the nicest hotel I’ve stayed at. For it to be in Vegas, and the views, and just everything about this experience so far has been awesome.”