There will not be too many holidays

  • In the previous regular season, the Rockets lost 83-100 to the Spurs. After the match, Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni was interviewed by the media.

    In this game, the Rockets did not perform well in terms of projection, assists and three points.

    "We just don't work hard enough. We're not sharp enough," said D'Antoni. "We have three or four games that are not strong enough. It's not just one or two days. It happened when you took a break. It's a bit Scary.

    “That's why at the end of the season, you need to be cautious about the holiday. Everyone wants to rest. Well, they need to play. Otherwise, we will lose the advantage of relying on 80 games to build. It would be a scary moment. You need to play. You need to keep that state. Every day you need that rhythm. We'll pick it up again."

    The Rockets have already had enough rounds off. With the approach of NBA Live Coins the playoffs, D'Antoni will no longer consider taking too many turns.

    "With the advent of the playoffs, it was not a good rule to be unable to perform well on the court at the same time as the holiday break," said De Shuai. "That's not good. They have had enough rest. How did the shift change? It is not clear to me that I am popular."

    Talking about the performance of the Spurs, D'Antoni said: “They are 10 times harder than we are. They seem to want to get a good position in the playoffs, and we are like a team that is already at ease. If we continue on Tuesday When we do this, we will be stricken again."