Seahawks runback Thomas Laers before Jets signing

  • Running back Thomas Rawls found a new home.

    The New York Jets announced that they had signed with the former Seahawks running back Thomas Lawers.

    Laurs was the 2015 draft pick and he replaced Marshawn Lynch, the injured Seahawks, in the season. In his debut season, Rauls rushed to the ball and averaged 5.6 in the league. He pushed 830 yards and scored four touchdowns. Although only 175 tall, but Laurers' ability to Madden Coins run for him added value. Unfortunately, the tough punch style hurt him at the same time. Lawrence’s health conditions have been a problem for the past two seasons, during which he only started 10 games. He only rushed 58 times last season, averaging 2.7.

    To get a place on the New York Jets list, Laws needs to prove that he has the ability to stay healthy. The current running lineup for the Jets includes Isaiah Crowell, Bilal Powell and Elijah McGuire.