In the contest between the Atlantic Division top titles

  • In the Jets array, Captain Willer, a center screener and a supernova Connor scored more than 7 points in the past two weeks. Even if they played in this game, they wouldn't expect much time to NHL Coins play. On the Senate side, Du Xian and Lane have 3 goals, 4 assists and 3 goals and 3 assists respectively in the past two weeks. Carlson scored in all three games. Their performance will be the key to the Senators team.

    In the contest between the Atlantic Division's top titles, the Bruins defeated Lightning in a few days of competition, and they went against the top of the opponent's summit. This time, the Lightning Team is bound to want revenge. However, they want to win and must count on the starting goalkeeper, Andrei Vasilevski, who the team relied on to make a performance. Since February, his status has continued to decline, although The sharp offensive is still able to win more than 50% of the victory, but Vasilevski's save rate data is very worrying. Earlier in an interview, the 24-year-old Russian goalkeeper admitted that he was very tired, but in the face of key campaigns to secure home advantage in the playoffs, the team did not have the possibility of relaxation.