On the national team match day

  • Many media criticized Mourinho's treatment of Luke Shaw and even the media worried that the way Mourinho treated the players would affect Bell's participation. There are also fans who worry that Mourinho’s attitude will make Pogba unintentionally, and the “Sun” even claimed that Mourinho and Pogba did not communicate, but only through assistant coach Faria.

    This internal atmosphere is obviously not conducive to Manchester United's season sprint, but Mourinho should also be aware of this. British media revealed that Mourinho will conduct an open and honest conversation with the players this week. British media believes that Mourinho will clarify to FIFA Coins his team in the conversation about the recent public criticism of the players.

    On the national team match day, Mourinho once went to Portugal and has just returned to Manchester. Many of his disciples have just returned from the national team. At the moment of a brief truce in club games, Manchester United has only eight players on the training ground.