Although there was no more promotion of young players

  • Although there was no more promotion of young players in Naples, three young players also got a chance. Zilinski, who has switched from Empoli, played 36 times in Serie A last season. Roger has played 19 times. He has gradually gained more appearances this season, and Diawara made 28 appearances in the 2016-17 season. . In fact, if Chelsea were coached, Surrey was not the first time to dismiss Conte who was fired. In 2007, when he was in Arezzo, Surrey did so. Surrey’s coaching career has been at the climax and low. In the amateur soccer league, he learned a lesson and helped Higuain create Serie A single-season scoring record.


    Is it time for Surrey to move forward again? This may be the best time for Surrey to FIFA Coins switch to the Premier League. Even the world’s best coach, Guardiola, was once considered by the media that the Barcelona style will not work in the Premier League. If Manchester City can win the championship, then Mourinho’s Manchester United will look completely out of place and make him followers. We get more opportunities. Since Carlo Ancelotti left, Chelsea and fans and Abu have always wanted to see a beautiful football, hoping to turn Chelsea into a small Barcelona. For Chelsea, signing Surrey this summer may be the most appropriate moment.