The mobile version of Ark is equipped with the known leveling

  • In Ark: Survival Evolved to survive, players must establish a base that will be built with materials found on the island such as wood or rocks. For example, the camp can also be equipped with a fireplace, and the base that will be created can also be used as a storage room for weapons, resources or acting as a stable for mounts. The map of the game, called precisely, includes an area of Buy ARK Items about 48 square kilometers.

    Ark Mobile was developed by War Drum Studios - the team responsible for Bully's mobile port and Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar - and will include a single-player mode, as well as Ark's "complete" multiplayer online experience.In fact, looking at the list of features, the mobile version seems surprisingly in line with the PC and console versions. The mobile version of Ark is equipped with the known leveling, crafting and construction systems, which allow you to achieve anything from clothing to weapons, there are over 80 creatures to tame and exploit while you survive the dangers of the classic map of island of Ark.