Wanting to take Stanley Cup

  • The black right forward Smith Paley of the Capitals can be said to be the finals's militant. He scored in three consecutive games in the final three games of the finals. G3's game was his goal to score a winning goal in the third quarter. In the G5 game, the capitalists entered the third quarter with a backward situation. It was his goal of 10:08 seconds that helped the team to equalize the score. It was necessary to know that Smith Paley had scored in the playoffs. 7 balls. Eller, who scored a winning goal in the game, was also a surprise soldier. The Danish center scored 1 goal in the G2 game and 2 assists helped the team open the door to NHL 18 Coins victory in the finals.

    Wanting to take Stanley Cup, the finals must have a good goalkeeper, even if he is not very good before this. Fleur had more than one God in the first three rounds and he was far and away in the finals. There was no game with more than 90% save rate and 20 goals lost in 5 games. After the capital's goalkeeper Holbit played in the second Super God, he saved more than 90% every time. Although the save rate in the G5 dropped to 90.8%, it was similar to the regular season, but if he finished the final 4 The game is kept at this level, and the capitalists may have long been fierce.