Week-long Weapon Skin Sale

  • Fighting monsters (or players) for celebration and profit is definitely better which has a brand-new weapon skin!

    So from Friday, June 8 at 10 a.m. PDT (1700 UTC) until Friday, June 15 concurrently, shop the Tera Items Store for Playstation®4 or Xbox One of those great weapon skins and smart boxes at 25 percent from the normal prices:

        Bloodshadow Weapon Skin
        Noblesse Smart Box
        Alternative Weapon Skin
        Dragon Claw Weapon Skin
        Icetouch Weapon Skin
        Summerbloom Smart Box

    Note: The Summerbloom Smart Box features a known trouble with its localization in German. It only affects the smart box. The weapon skins can be properly localized. This issue is going to be fixed over the following update. The Tera Gold box happens to be named “Ninjakampfanzug der Blutschatten.”