Bull toss coin to defeat the king

  • At the coin-throwing ceremony held today NBA Live Coins at the NBA, the Bulls and the King tossed coins after winning the Bulls.

    At the NBA Lottery drawing ceremony on May 16th, the Bulls and Kings each had 18.25% probability of drawing the first three positions, 5.3% probability of winning the first pick, if neither side had drawn the first three picks, the Bulls Will get the No. 6 sign, and the King gets No. 7 sign.

    However, due to the possibility that all the lottery teams with lower rank than theirs will win the first three positions, the worst will be the No. 10 pick and the Bulls will get the No. 9 pick.

    In addition, the Bulls will also have a 22nd pick (this time) from this year's draft. The King has a 36th pick.