Leonard injury has become an unsolved case

  • The Spurs did not make 50 wins in the regular season, the first time in 19 years. Fortunately, with the steady output of Adelaide, the veteran of Ginobili and Parker stumbled and grabbed a playoff ticket. In the post-GDP era, when the team desperately needed new leaders to NBA Live Coins fight out, Leonard was almost missing a season because of rare injuries.

    What's even more strange is that between the Spurs and Leonard's team, there seems to be disagreement about injuries. The Spurs believe that Leonard has been able to play, and the latter's team has repeatedly postponed playing time, and has not given a specific timetable for return. Leonard’s injury has become an unresolved issue that has not only caused the Spurs to fall into the most difficult position in the past 20 years but also cast a shadow over the future of the Spurs.

    Why are so many injuries this season? Actually speaking, this season's injury should not be so frequent, because the league adjusted the schedule last summer, reduced back-to-back and long distance away games, but also extended the entire season. However, the league also reduced the preseason, which may be the cause of the early season injury. In addition, the fierce competition in the competition is getting faster and faster, and it is still the main reason for the outbreak of injuries.